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Tactical Treatment of

Gunshot and Knife Wounds

Sunday October 22, 2023


Transitions East

2548 E. 83rd St.

Chicago,IL 60617

Over 4000 people shot in Chicago in 2020...Most of them Black!

This is a unique opportunity to learn what steps to take to stabilize a victim of a gunshot wound or serious knife wound until help arrives. The class teaches critical anatomy, ballistic impact, managing the major causes of death, using hemostatic agents, proper use of tourniquets, putting together a trauma kit and more. Taught by a Tactical Medic with the Chicago Fire Dept with over 30 years of experience as a paramedic on the tough inner city streets.


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31 Years Experience

Personal Protection Consultants (PPC) is dedicated to providing safe, responsible and realistic defensive firearms training for civilians. In addition to high quality instruction in the use of the handgun, shotgun and rifle, PPC also offers courses in close quarter hand to hand combat, knife

training, stick fighting, the combat cane, improvised weapons, weapon retention/disarms and the tactical treatment of gunshot and knife wounds.


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YOU are the only person responsible for your individual safety and security!

Conceal Carry

Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to carry a concealed weapon. Enroll now!

Conceal Carry Renewal

Refresh your skills and knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones. Sign up today for peace of mind.

Tactical Treatment

Discover the ultimate combat skills. Learn from the best and become unstoppable in any situation. Unleash your potential Today!

Women's & 1st Time Away Self Defense

Learn critical skills and techniques to protect yourself in any situation when you are out on your own. Take control of your safety.

Basic Handgun

Our Basic Handgun class is perfect for beginners and provides hands-on instruction from experienced professionals.

Down & Dirty Street Fighting

Unleash your inner warrior with our. Learn the most effective techniques to protect yourself in any situation. Join now and become a force to be reckoned with.

Lady's Day at the Range

It's time to take aim and shoot like a pro! Learn from expert instructors and bond with fellow female shooters in a safe space. Sign up for an unforgettable day!

Basic Rifle Class

Unlock your shooting potential. We will guide you through the fundamentals of marksmanship, safety, & beyond. Sign up now for a transformative experience.

Advance Handgun

Ready to take your handgun skills to the next level? Learn advanced and elevate your confidence and proficiency in handling firearms. Enroll now!

Advance Rifle

Unlock your true potential as a sharpshooter with our Advance Rifle class. Sign up now and take your shooting to the next level!

Shooting on the Move

Become a skilled marksman with our. Learn how to hit your target while in motion. Sign up now and take aim towards success.

Knife Defense

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Learn practical techniques from expert instructors to confidently handle any threatening situation. Enroll now and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

Secure YOUR Safety & Security

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What They Say

I have been under the instructions of Mr. Vernon for the training of pistols, shotgun, and rifle. He has worked with me on each weapon, and has helped me to qualify.  What I

really like about Mr. Gimbu is his 30+ years of Experience, which also includes hand to

hand combat, and how to use a knife. He also works with young people as well as seniors. Mr. Vernon’s experience is what makes him my choice to use as an instructor.

Calvin Muhammad

The high quality of training received, and Gerald's recommendations for continued

individualized areas of practice provide a clear pathway to gaining the necessary

knowledge and skills to protect myself if the use of a firearm is needed. I have experienced increased understanding regarding both legal and (needed) thoughtful, rational thinking about firearm(s) care and usage is especially significant. Gerald's overall guidance and instruction, and the questions answered have provided a sense of relief and diminished fears about firearms in general as well as establishing self-assurance as I continue to practice and learn.

Deborah Grant

Conceal Carry Testimonial. Before taking Mr. Kali’s class, my experience handling a gun was over 30 years ago, I had got to the point that if there was a gun near me, I was very apprehensive just looking at. However, frightened I was of guns, living in Chicago forces you to realize that one day you may need one to defend yourself. Understanding this I decided to enroll in a Conceal Carry class. Within an hour of the class, I relaxed. Mr. Kali made me feel that I could pick up a gun, load it and shoot with confidence. His patience and years of professional knowledge teaching the conceal carry laws as well as gun training changed my attitude about guns. As a woman I feel confident in using all firearms thanks to Gimbu Kali, a Master Teacher!I recommended his class to friends and relatives, those that enrolled in his class were very satisfied.

Carol Walker

I must say that my training class was Second to None.

The material in my opinion was well thought out and presented to the class. Your explaination about and examples of legal situations was very clear with no

mistakes about how the legal system works when a citizen has a CCL and how we must conduct ourselves. My training on the range was excellent, with the drills and  training I appreciated very much because I was able to work on my shooting skills that you taught me in one of your other classes.

It has been my honor to send in a few words to express my appreciation for you and your training. classes.

CONTINUE TEACHING Bro. Gimbu, you're the BEST ! ! !     

Tunu Shakari

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